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look out now 'cause they're using technology

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Recently uprooted from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh after being ported to a new system and shipped half way around the earth. Still working the bugs out.
160 character sms poetry, 60s surf thingys, aibos gone wild, analog computing, ancient geek, applied math, australia, being dead sexy, black sock gym visits, bob log iii, bob's psychotic liquid lights, bonner's irish pub, bracode, buffy, bundaberg op rum, claysploitation, dark beer, debian, demonlover, dive bars, diy, doc watson's pub, documentary film, embedded systems, emma peel, engineering, extremal control, field hockey, fusion paranoia, future shock, garage rock, generic programming, ghost world, gnn, gothosurferockabilly, green square hotel, habanero peppers, huxleyian, imaginary relationships, implementing science fiction nightmares, information fusion, insomnia, insult comic dogs, joggers wearing black socks, lambda lambda lambda, le tigre, leopard print, linux, lunachicks, macgyver, making stuff, making things, man or astro-man?, margaritas, meat salads, mechanically separated chicken, mobots, mockumentary, mu meson archives, multitasking, mz ann thropik, mz. pacman, negra modelo, neighborhood bike works, other cinema, pabst blue ribbon, pdp-11, pervasive technology, petr, phemptotechnology, philly freakout, philly music, plain parade, pool, preemptive mutually assured destruction, procrastination, psychedelia, psychedelphia, psychobilly, red wine, riot nrrd, robotics, robots, rocket science, roger's profanisaurus, rudolph e. kalman, rupert giles, sarcasm, scooter gigs, secret cinema, section 314, seeing colin quinn dead, serf fever, servotron, sewing, small spaces, sociopolitical implications of technology, sounds of seduction, sounds of sinema, spdfgh, statistical decision theory, sugartown, sydney, techsploitation, tequila, thai and vietnamese cooking, the alohas, the cants, the crusaders, the daily show, the detroit cobras, the filthy critic, the gossip, the misunderstood, the mystaken, the onyas, the sailors, the sonics, thee monkey butlers, turkish coffee, urban decay, wpba, zoot era rick springfield